your cosy little room to sleep in 

   view into healing room you can relax in




 and maybe you like to join Tiffany and Cherie



and relax in the garden


Lynne enjoyed staying here


our new addition from 28 Sept 2011 'Simba' than being 9 weeks

Read his Diary here


'Tiffany' 17 on 21 July 2011                                                                          'Cherie' 17 March 2011


Since above posts a lot has happend:

CHERIE now is sadly missed since 15 February 2013 (RIP Cherie)

Simba who will celebrate his second puuuurthday on 26th July 2013 has some new playmates,

Momo & Timothy who are one years old on 18 July 2013.

If you like to come here for a two day break away you truely need to love energetic young boy cats!

TIFFANY took her last breath 15 October 2013 and is sadly missed, my companion of 18 years.


Momo & Timothy on arrivval October 2012      Momo & Timothy May 2013                    Simba May 2013 - He has truely grown into his name!

Some time later: