Natural Health Magazine June 2014

The Dolphin Lady

Head down to the Cornish coast to harness the magical healing powers of the ocean
says Susan de Maunby

There I was in the early morning staring into my empty coffee cup, mentally caught
up in the inevitable worries we all experience to a lesser or greater degree and I
became aware of the tensions running through my body as a result of these often toxic
thought patterns. I felt I could not ignore the danger signals any longer.

I have been aware of how potent our thoughts are for the health of our bodies and our
minds. It was time that I stopped procrastinating and put in to practice what I believe
in. It was the late ’80’s when I first discovered Deepak Chopra, having attended a
lecture of his in San Diego, which coincided, with the publishing of his now famous
book Quantum Healing. His theories had a profound affect on me and since then
I have been aware of how potent our thoughts are for the health of our bodies and
minds. The time had come for me to stop procrastinating and put in to practice what I
believe in. But I felt I needed some encouragement to follow through with my desire
to discipline my mind, which in turn would enable me to focus more on my health and
my spirituality.

Healing waters

A close friend mine had recently inspired me, telling me of this remarkable woman,
Delphiris (pronounced: delf-eye-ris), who lives close to Land’s End in Cornwall.

Being by the sea, having time alone to walk the cliff paths in this mystical part of West Penwith

where I would experience her transformational therapies.

She offers to be the 'midwife' assisting one in the journey towards what she terms “self-wholeness’.

She uses a variety of treatments to “de-stress, relax, rebalance and rejuvenate”.

You can book a day or a week and one can choose to either stay with her in her cosy house or

close by in a variety of small hotels or B&B’s scattered around St Just.

Therapies are chosen to suit your needs, so you can focus on just one or include several.

Taking the over night sleeper from London to Penzance, I awoke to views of St Michael’s Mount

rising out of the turquoise blue sea surrounding Penzance. A beautiful start to my inner journey.

I chose to stay with Delphiris who collected me from the station and within minutes we were sitting

by the wood burning stove in her enchantingly simple little cottage out near the cliffs at Cape Cornwall.

Delphiris has much of the shaman about her and with her guidance I chose to have aqua healing

and the chavutti-thai massage.
Alongside an extensive list of therapies I could have also chosen ocean therapy, which teaches us

to free ourselves from emotional discomforts by embracing the energy and nature of the ocean

and its inhabitants. Delphiris, otherwise known as the Dolphin Lady, a name given to her based

on her extensive experiences of swimming and communicating with dolphins – also initiates sea ceremonies

to harness the power of the ocean on a nearby beach and dolphin play workshops that teach people to
connect with your dolphin within through sound and shell healing, meditation and breathwork.
Pure bliss
Across the lane from her cottage is the private pool at the healing and retreat centre Boswedden House

and later that day I found myself floating in the warm water, being guided and ‘facilitated’ by Delphiris.

The lighting in the pool was minimal which made the atmosphere very dreamlike and gradually she

introduced me to her healing touch and aqua therapy and massage.

For me to relax is not always easy but gradually I felt myself falling into a trance like state.

It is hard to describe the feelings that slowly took over my body and mind.

It was transcendental!

I cannot remember ever feeling so deeply relaxed as Delphiris held and massaged me whilst guiding me
under and through the water. While in California in the ’80’s and 90’s I experienced rebirthing

where we go back in our memory to being in our mother’s womb. Delphiris enabled me

to even more powerfully reconnect with that feeling of timelessness and of memories of being suspended in water.

When our session was over and we were in the sauna all I could do was smile.

I really was in a state of bliss.

The next day I felt as though years of retained tension and trapped energy had been released from my body and mind.

However I had another extraordinary treatment to experience, a chavutti-thai massage, to open up meridians and chakras.

Delphiris is one of a small group of practitioners who offer this technique which as the name suggests,

is a combination of Chavutti and Thai techniques.

Unlike most massage techniques, chavutti is unique as the feet are used to massage the body in long,

sweeping therapeutic motions from the fingers to the toes.

The Thai element incorporates twists and stretches that are enabled by Delphiris holding on to a rope,
which allows her to control the desired amount of pressure using her bare feet. The experience was enhanced

by fabulous dolphin sounds that seemed to resonate through my body.

Staying with Delphiris certainly allowed me to totally let go of years of tension in my body and mind.

I left with the resolve to maintain this deep level of equilibrium by disciplining my negative thought patterns

and to tune in to the innate spirituality we all can manifest aided by such powerful therapies and such special people.